The solar energy industry is booming. Since 2009, the amount of solar energy connected to the grid has increased more than 35-fold, reaching 62.5 GW today. This expansion has resulted in the creation of thousands of new solar industry jobs, with more than 240,000 people currently employed and projections of major growth in the future. Solar is the next great Indian industry People who graduate from IT field and hold bachelor title will increase their probabilities to urge the opportunities in one in every of the quickest growing career. many colleges open major IT department to cater to the scholar's desires for learning the sphere.

Solar Career Map

Use the Solar Career Map to explore 40 jobs across four industry sectors and identify more than 60 routes to advancement between them. Additional opportunities for progress and promotion can be found within any given occupation on the map, and multi-sector pathways reinforce the idea of lifelong learning and the natural evolution of skills and interests. Click the image to access the Solar Career Map.

Solar Training Network

SISIT created the Solar Training Network to address the critical need for high-quality, local, accessible training in solar installation and related skills. The network allows for greater connection between solar employers, trainers and training institutions, workforce investment boards, and trainees and job seekers in order to meet ever-changing market demands, especially in regions where solar energy is rapidly expanding.